The Wisdom of Being Thankful When You’re Not

Today I’m thankful, right now, that I feel alert, despite the lack of sleep; that I managed six hours when it could have been five.

I’m wearing nice clothes, even though I ironed them and I hate ironing. The fact that I’m wearing clothes, and clothes that fit me, that I bought by choice, even though I may not have been deliriously happy at the time. Yes, I have too many clothes I no longer wear, and not enough that I can, but it’s also true that I have clothes.

It’s going to be a hot day, and I’ll be back out there soon, but at present I’m in air conditioned comfort, and, what’s more, the day is cool at present.

Despite being too early for an appointment, I have some minutes to muse. It’s a luxury I don’t often enough have, so boredom is not an option to choose, besides, if I’m intentional about what I think about, this time could prove invaluable. And that task is to be thankful. It’s a good task that will keep me from mental-harm’s way.

I have money to pay for overpriced airport food and beverages. Instead of complaining, I’ll be thankful that, at present, I can feed myself, and that I had the choice to buy or not to buy.

Despite having a big day ahead, I have the privilege of not having a boring day; that there is even a probability that I’ll feel challenged and fulfilled today.

It annoys me that I now have to wear spectacles, and cleaning them constantly is frustrating, but at least I can still see… and read… and watch.

I’m regularly so busy that it troubles my spirit, being that I live to serve God by serving others, but at least I can be thankful that there’s no shortage of purpose in my life.

I’m married to the creature of my fantasy, who delights me, though she does also at times annoy me; with her wisdom. She makes me feel safe without indulging me too much.

I have a delight of a son, who, though I’ll be tired, I’m delighted to get up to during the night when I won’t get to see him in the morning, as I’m off to work too early.

I caught up with one of my adult daughters recently, and, even though it made my day busier than I’d planned, it was an unexpected joy, especially as we’re all busy.