Responding With Authentic Kindness

The ability to respond with authentic kindness comes from a heart that is steeped in love. As a result, the Divine Presence and the human soul touch in such a sacred way that love automatically pours out from one heart to another. Authentic kindness goes beyond empathy and represents an active longing to obliterate the suffering of others. Its very essence is love and compassion. At the core of this type of kindness is selflessness. Rather than focusing on ourselves, we want to end the suffering of others and help them live joyously,

As you can see, this is much more than performing a “random act of kindness,” which is defined as an unexpected and unearned good deed done for someone we may or may not know. Although that has merit of its own authentic kindness, by contrast, is unconditional love in full bloom, in its purest form. Expressions of authentic kindness represent a much deeper experience because they come from a Divine Source within ourselves that transcends humanness and longs to be a vessel of compassion for others. Authentic kindness represents unadulterated love untainted by judgment, criticism, jealously, aggressiveness, greed and ego.

Ego-consciousness and authentic kindness cannot coexist because the ego is the basis of duality – making you feel like you are separate from God – and from this belief system, compassion cannot grow. The dichotomy is why dropping the ego’s stronghold is so important, first for your own well-being and second for the well-being of everyone around you. Authentic kindness cannot exist in the lower levels of consciousness because those levels are filled with fear, ego, selfishness, anger, jealousy and drama. Kind inclinations develop naturally when one reaches the higher states of consciousness, which are marked by love, peace, joy, compassion, even-mindedness, empathy and stillness.

Each drop of kindness we give multiplies to an ocean of kindness in which the depths are boundless. Giving kindness from the inside out transforms us into faithful instruments of the Divine and true agents of change in our world. We radiate joy and see unlimited opportunities to give love to others. In this enthusiastic feeling that results from the outpouring of love comes a stillness and peace within. Our goal here is not to have a life devoid of suffering, because suffering is part of the human condition, but to offer solace to those who are experiencing suffering. By remembering our shared humanity, we are able to give authentic kindness not only to those we love but to those who have hurt us as well. This is the deepest form of compassion, and it is this compassion that will heal us as individuals and as a society. Expressions of authentic kindness produce a ripple effect; those who receive it want to give it, and as a result it multiples and touches the hearts of many.

In today’s world of intense difficulties, we discover the courage not to strike out or retaliate, but to respond with a kind and gentle heart. By practicing this authentic kindness we become a light in the world, a strong antidote to hate and fear; we initiate the healing that our world so desperately needs.