Quickly Shift From Fear to Happiness

Some pundits say that the most desired goal of a person should be to live in a state of happiness, as if it’s a constant and stable way of being and feeling. That belief puts pressure on us and actually creates the exact opposite effect, counteracting any efforts to gain true happiness.

The truth is that the emotional state of each person varies to a great degree many times during the span of a day. In fact one’s emotional state is often much more variable than is typically believed and can change instantly. Indeed, every person alive on this planet experiences a vast multitude of emotional state changes during the span of a day. We constantly shift up and down on the emotional scale as we experience things with our senses.

The changes in emotional state are all from the same cause – a change of the frequency of energy around us and how we interpret it. All of what we call emotions are simply how our brain interprets the energies that our physical senses receive. Those energies may range from the ones we can see, touch, and hear to those that are beyond the capabilities of our physical senses.

Some of the emotions resulting from experiencing these energies may seem to be be similar and so are discerned as being the same. But any variation in volume or intensity of an emotion is a complete change of emotional state.

Basically we have categorized all energies as we sense them into two types of emotions – fear and love. Fear is simply lower frequencies of energy. We can experience fear as “a sinking feeling”, loss of energy, resistance to moving into action, weakness, and a multitude of other sensations that block forward movement. Love is at the other end of the energy scale and promotes experiencing such as creativity, a desire to become active, greater physical energy, and a sense of freedom.

As you go through your day, notice the fluctuations of your emotions. Practice becoming aware of how they quickly move up and down the scale of energetic frequency from some form of fear to a form of love, from feeling blocked to feeling free, from feeling weakened to feeling energized.

When you’ve gained the ability to easily and quickly sense emotional energy shifts, the next step is to consciously empower yourself to shift into the higher frequential ranges of emotional energy. You know… happiness. One simple method is to remind yourself of a feel-good that you experienced. In other words, something that you enjoyed with your physical senses. Here is a list of a few that I experienced during my morning recently:

  • Touch – A light, misting rain is drifting downward. When I go outside to fill the bird feeders I turn my face up to the sky and delight in the tickling sensation of little raindrops on my skin.
  • Touch – When I come back in the house, I settle into my big comfy overstuffed chair, sitting crosslegged in it as I prepare to write my Morning Pages. If furniture could hug, this chair would give award-winning hugs.
  • Sight – I look up at the high window and see the raindrops lined up on the gutter. They remind me of people lined up along the street, happily watching a parade.
  • Hearing – My cat jumps up on the chair arm to take his rightful place next to me while I do my writing. His deep, rumbling purrs are like comforting music to me.
  • Smell – The furnace turns on and I smell the delicious aroma of the essential oil I placed on the new furnace filter I installed this morning. I take slow, deep breaths to better enjoy the spicy scent of the oil.
  • Taste – Before I begin writing, I take a deep drink of the water in my glass, into which I’ve placed drops of Elderberry extract. The water tastes delicately of the berries and is very pleasing.

In a matter of a very few minutes I’ve used each of my physical senses to elevate my emotions to a new level of frequential energy. The result is that I shift into a state of being happier.

Throughout the day when I begin to feel my emotional energy level drop because of outside influences from lower frequential energies, which I sense with one of my physical senses, I can quickly and easily recall one of the happier influences such as the ones I listed and instantly I’ve countered the lower frequency with a higher one. Voila! My emotional state is rescued from a downward slide by the use of the memory of a happier, more pleasant sense experience.

A higher state of frequential energy (happiness!) is easily and quickly created by your awareness of the physical senses you choose to focus on. Shift your own frequential energy state using this simple technique: Make a list of the things around you that bring you happiness. Keep it handy for quick reference during those times that you feel your personal energetic frequency sliding down into the realms of fear. And add to it frequently.