Focus On Reality And All Else Will Be Added

The ultimate fantasy is the bad intention and getting away with having it inside of you without catching yourself with it. Ultimately, genuine cheating and bad intentions are self-destructive. What is constructive, however done, is living in reality with simple honesty and realistic thinking and action. Indeed, the ultimate weakness is thinking you can win dishonestly, then deceive yourself with everyone else that you did not cheat.

When I think about life, reality and existence, I genuinely feel and understand that the best way is to approach it honestly without shortcut attempts, or any “aces up the sleeve”so to speak. The ultimate fantasy is “free without effort” anyway. We are not “owed” a good life, we have to create and make that ourselves.

For example, a person can have all of the advantages of life and mess them up, because they want to cheat or “have it even easier” or “better”. On the other hand, a person can have no advantages yet do great ultimately because of a patient, realistic approach to living and reality that is realistic, understanding and “house holding”, so to speak.

A great life and reality are promised to nobody, it has to be created and worked out from within a person. All the outer advantages and “great” trappings in existence mean nothing if you do not have the advantages of realistic understanding and honest ethic innately.

Solving the mystery of why some genuinely have it all, and some do not even with “all the advantages”, it is probably because of the factors mentioned here. It starts inside, not outside. Why do you think the quote is “as within, so without” and not ‘as without, so within’? It always starts within, and not without. It all starts with the cause and ends with the effect as a genuinely working cycle. Nature and reality do not work any other way. So, if you have a bad effect consider the cause and then change it from within strongly.