10 Keys to Being Hilariously Happy

What makes someone happy? One might think that winning the lottery is the answer. Just think about everything that we can buy or pay off with those winnings and the joy it might bring. Have you seen the odds of winning the lottery!? Who says obtaining happiness has needs to be so expensive or hard to come by? Considering the national average household income, we just don’t make enough money if consumerism is the key to happiness. Perhaps he who dies with the most toys, leaves the beneficiary happy? Is it possible then, that happiness is a state of being, and not a state of having?

Life is short, isn’t the meaning of life to have a life with meaning? A life worth living? A life of joy and happiness? The most practical and common sense way to bring forth true happiness in life is to LEARN to LAUGH. What exactly does it mean to Learn to Laugh? The acronym is quite simple.

L: Learn; keep learning new things, maintain that childhood curiosity that encourages you to go outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

E: Encourage positive feelings, emotions and thoughts. Always look for whats good in the situation and find the lesson. There is never failure, only a failed attempt.

A: Awareness of the present moment. Let the past go and don’t worry about the future. Pay attention to the intricacies of the present moment. Use your senses to enjoy and embrace everything that is happening in this very moment and soak it all in. It is important to have goals and direction in life, but the future is unwritten and choices in the present moment is what determines your future. If you want a happy future, be happy in the now.

R: Resilience; when something goes wrong, be ready to bounce back and recover as fast as you can. Shift your mood and perspective to being flexible and open to multiple solutions.

N: Neutral; remain impartial in your situations, take the seat of the observer and see everything from an objective standpoint. In the grand scheme of things; look at the beginning, middle and end broadly and separate the personal out of the situation, chose to respond rationally and not react emotionally.

L: Love your surroundings, people, places, everything. Good manners go long distances, a simple smile can change someone’s day entirely, and a kind gesture works wonders. Little acts of kindness are expressions of love and are greatly needed in this world. Most importantly: LOVE YOURSELF, make sure to take good care of your body, exercise, eat healthy, be kind to yourself.

A: Accept and embrace who you are, for everything that you are. This includes your unique differences and those of others. See any circumstance as an opportunity for growth even if it is unpleasant. You don’t have to agree, but accepting that the person or circumstance is simply the way that it is and seeking to learn from it/them is a vital key.

U: Unleash inhibitions! Break down the barriers that are holding you back from achieving success and happiness. I’m talking about the self-doubt, the insecurity, crippling self-conscious feelings.

G: Gratefulness for everything & everyone in your life. When you are grateful it draws your attention away from feelings of lack or not having or being enough. It allows you to appreciate all that you have and all that you are as a person. Realising all the resources you have allows you to see how full your metaphoric cup actually is.

H: Help others and be part of something bigger. Give some of your time, talents or resources to someone who could benefit. Your talent and kindness, no matter how small it is to you, could be the type of medicine that they really needed.

Happiness doesn’t have to be such a rare thing. It is not as elusive as people might think. When you LEARN to LAUGH, you will easily find more joy and happiness in your life and spread the happiness among those you interact with. Let happiness become infectious, and laughter be your best medicine.